Chicagoland Referrals

Personal promotion is the process of branding yourself as
the person others think of first when they think of real estate.

Personal promotion is a combination of consistency and repetition of your real estate-related message. * If you     can combine your message with a USP (unique selling proposition), all the better. * Try to develop a theme, caricature, or slogan that will appear in all your promotional material.* It is best to develop a plan and implement it year after year. * Consider ordering your materials in advance for better pricing and stacking them in the corner for use throughout the year. * Above all else, honesty is the single most important attribute of personal promotion.

    • Outdoor sign with caricature (change the hats to fit the seasons)
    • Mailing campaign (“Hackelosaurus”)
    • Consider selling space on your promotions to share the cost
    • Write and send three handwritten notes per day
    • Take one person to lunch weekly who is in a position to send you business
    • Mail local sports team schedules to your data base
    • Mail annual calendars to your data base
    • Mail “Just Listed” or “Just Sold” cards to your database
    • Present the annual housing statistics to your local municipality and receive free publicity
    • Write a “Letter to the Editor” with information about the housing market…be upbeat
    • Join organizations and volunteer to be their spokesperson
    • Develop a 10-15 minute talk about real estate and contact the Rotary’s, Chambers of Commerce, Lions, etc.
    • If you can speak before a group you are perceived as an “expert” and you multiply your touches
    • Join a leads group like B&I or LeTip, or start your own
    • Add a “vendor” page to your web page and let the vendors know you have them listed for free
    • Submit publicity releases when you do anything real estate related to the local newspapers -- they have a lot of space to fill and will print them more than you think
    • Participate in non-profits
    • Invite the real estate or business editor to visit your operation or just interview you about real estate or your operation
    • Join the zoning or some other committee for your local municipality
    • Get around people and stay around people
    • Sponsor local sports teams if you plan to attend the games
    • Give out pens, key chains, letter openers, magnets (refrigerate immediately!)
    • Throw your stuff out at holiday parades
    • Have a car “shrink wrapped” with your advertising message
    • Run a “buyer’s seminar” or an “investor seminar”
    • Use people’s names and congratulate or compliment them whenever you can
    • When you are meeting new people invite others to join your small group--be inclusive
    • Read books on “guerilla marketing”
    • Write a “Holiday Letter” and mail it to your database, including some personal information and pictures
    • Give your business card to everybody
    • Keep an ongoing list of clients who refer business to you and treat them special
    • Send an immediate thank you note with an “item of value” to anyone who refers you business
    • Host a client party
    • Host a “Welcome to the Neighborhood” gathering for new buyers
    • When a client asks for something you consider an annoyance, consider it your chance to “be a hero”